Scotland 08 – Friday

Heavy rain most of the night and still going strong in the morning. We did not feel motivated to do very much. We had planned a day out in a particularly beautiful area near by including a couple of waterfall visits. We decided, somewhat reluctantly, to head back to Inverness and hit the shopping centre.

My eldest daughter hates shopping so this was not a great option for her. Not great for the dogs either but it was time for some retail therapy. We had a great Italian meal for lunch (decent places never seem to have a problem providing dishes with no cheese and no garlic – my eldest is allergic to the latter and both she and I are allergic to cheese). The eldest they headed back to the car to keep the dogs company whilst I headed off to a Starbucks with internet wifi access so I could programme the Harmony Remote control.

I enjoy street photography so whilst my wife and younger daughter went around lots of fashion shops, I headed to a central point in the city with my eldest and the dogs. (It is a good job that my daughter is strong as my knee was really causing hell by this time and she needed to hold both dogs for most of the time.) We had parked in the multi-storey car-park underneath the shopping centre and it was only after we had left the ground floor level of shops that we realised that dogs (other than guide dogs) were not allowed in the centre. Later on, we could not find a pedestrian entrance that did not involve going through the shopping centre so I had to collect my eldest and the dogs by car when I left the park.

There are lots of reports of photographers getting hassle when doing perfectly legal street-photography but I am pleased to repot that I had no problems at all was able to snap away happily during light drizzle until the earnest shoppers in the family returned.

Afterwards, rather than face the heavy traffic heading out of the city, we took a short drive over to the Borders store (a large bookshop with a Starbucks on a mezzanine floor) on the retail park and after hot drinks and cakes invested in a large and eclectic mix of books (haven’t done that for a while – not least because I tend to read electronic books most of the time nowadays).

Our return to the chalet faced increased rain again. Oh what fun.

I was delighted to discover that my programming of the Harmony Remote worked and we were able to select the AV/Scart connection on the TV and see the Nintendo Wii. Sadly, the Wii had not liked its journey to Scotland and refused to read any discs. Argh!!! We will see if it just needs to be [re-]acclimatised a little more carefully after the trip home but I fear it will need an out-of-warranty repair. Damn.

[photos not processed yet = watch this space]

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