Yet another snowy day

normal_20090205-P1000133I am currently working a little East of Bristol along the M4 in an area that was hit particularly hard by the snow. 

The photo shows the first morning at the hotel. By the end of the week, the snow was over my car wheels and the car had to be dug out. Once freed up, there was then the challenge of driving up the small slope out of the hotel car park. This proved to be too much of a challenge for many of the hotel residents who had to pushed up the hill by hotel staff but I was able to drive up without help.  It seems many do not know about moving off in higher gears. Snow is not as common in this part of the world as it is in my neck of the woods.

On the Friday morning, I confess I cut-and-run (well, slid) back home straight from the hotel rather than heading into the office. It was still snowing in the morning and I feared not being able to get home for the weekend. Much as I like the hotel, I do not want to stay in it over the weekend when cut-off by snow.

Getting over to a major road proved tricky and conditions got worse even when I found one and made my way towards the M5. Once I hit the M5 though, to my surprise, the roads heading back home were pretty clear and by the time I got to the Midlands there was little snow around. Wow!

Something of a contrast to my trip down at the start of the week which was pretty rough. I go cross country through Bridgenorth, down to Kidderminster and on to Worcester where I join the M5. There were cars all over the place. No one seemed injured, so I guess people had been driving slowly, but had still slid into ditches, trees, barriers. It was like driving on a slalom course driving around everyone. A couple of times people slid towards me and I had to take avoiding action. I did miss my recently sold 4×4 at such times.

Overall, the greatest danger I faced was walking from the hotel to the office on icy surfaces. Luckier than many.

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