Farewell to one client and a great team

After around two-and-a-half years working on an account in South Wales and running a wide range of projects, I find myself finally rolling off of the account. This is longest I have ever worked in one place since joining PricewaterhouseCoopers over 10 years ago. (Transfered to IBM when they aquired the consulting arm of PwC.)

I was getting a little concerned about being on one account for so long as that kind of defeats the point of working for a consulting firm as I enjoy working with many different teams and different clients. There is a big team on the account though and I did get involved in a wide range of tasks, so it worked okay although I was starting to get a little stir crazy.

This was also my first time working in the public sector. I knew it would be a very different experience for me and I was not wrong and I am not sure I ever fully came to terms with how things work although I recogise that as frustrating as it might be for someone used to the private sector, there are good reasons why decision making is so different. How typical this one client is of the sector I also do not know. Not sure I want to try another so soon though to compare.

It is somewhat frustrating that I am not immediately moving onto another account. Had I moved on a few months ago, that would have not been an issue, but there is a lot in flux at the moment. I have done a few client interviews, and am helping out on some bids. Good chance to catch up on some training I am way behind and carry out some management tasks as well.

I think I have left the account better off than it would have been without me, although one is always second guessing oneself and seeing things that could have been done better and there are a few mistakes I made that I hope never to repeat. I certainly learnt a few things, many of which I shall be able to apply elsewhere.

There is one habit I have that I seem to have a problem breaking though, even though I do get damaged by it. I have a tendency to do a lot of things out of sight as well as cracking on with my core delivery activities. The out of sight work means that many things that would probably go off the tracks end up okay but an alternative approach would be to let them go wrong and then rescue them and gain a higher profile and better recognition. To take the latter course simply seems wrong to me. As my Mom used to say: “you are your own worst enemy.”

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