Fish tank surface area and geometry

This corner unit has a 16cm long straight bit at the back, two angled sides each 54 cm long and a curved front linking the two sides which is around 108cm long. We majored the straight line distance between the two sides as 95cm. We also found the gap between the straight but and the curved frontage maxed out at 19cm.

We then reminded ourselves of a bit of the work of Pythagoras and treated the tank as:

1. two right-angle triangle (taking account of the two sides)

2. a rectangle at the back (the bit between the two triangles)

3. half-a-rectangle at the front taking account of the curved section.


Aquaone UFO 700 surface area (approximate)      
Overall cm Triangles  (a2+b2=c2)
x back 16.00 c2 hypot2 2,916.00
c angled side 54.00 b2 bottom2 1,560.25 (z/2-x/2)2
z front straight 95.00 a left/right 36.82 (c2-b2)
d curve dx 19.00
Rectangle for two triangle Middle back rectangle
a side 36.82 side 36.82
b front 39.50 back 16.00
area 1,454.41 cm2 area 589.13
Curved section (assume half area of containing rectangle)
back 95.00 a
height 19.00 b
area 902.50 a*b/2
Factor Total fish length
TOTAL 2,946.04 cm2 30.00 98.20  cm
TOTAL 456.64 in2 12.00 38.05  inches

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