Fortnightly rubbish collections

I had to take a load of household rubbish to the tip today. I was clearly not the only one. Every now and then, the regime of fortnightly rubbish collection proves to be too  big a stretch for us. I am not sure why. Perhaps we just spend more money than a lot of people.

We shop cheaply, we avoid over-wrapped produce as much as possible, we are biased towards fresher foods and avoid ready-meals like the plague. We are diligent about sorting out our recycling , which is also collected fortnightly interleaved with the rubbish collections.

One of the problems is that the doorstop recycling does not yet cover plastic and despite best intentions, we do end up with a lot of this. The local tip does now have a place for plastic though.

Fortunately, we have a large house and lots of space for the various bins we require. We are not into gardening though so do not compost anything. Perhaps we should rethink this.

I see from the news this we, one guy ended up with a criminal record and a fine because he had overfilled his rubbish bin. If our bin is too full, it does not get collected and we get a little warning note. Seems like a great way to encourage some to get into fly-tipping to me.

I guess we have to focus on lowering consumption, and going for things with less (or no) packaging. I certainly think we could get more loose veg from the market. Needs to be learn to get up early on Saturdays rather than sleeping in late.

Interestingly, I find that vast majority of the friends of my eldest daughter have no interest in green issues. This is despite (or because?) them being at a selecting state-grammar for girls (i.e. smarter than the average). Not real enough for them or perhaps they have given in already having seen the expansion of Chinese and Indian economies and think that there is nothing they can do. Fingers crossed that the scientists come up with something.

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