Forum bolier plate overview

[forum name] is an Unincorporated Association, a club, offering a UK based international discussion forum on [subject area]. The aim is to provide an online community of [collective noun] for mutual help and support. It is currently free to use although donations to support the forum are also welcome. Members are welcome from anywhere in the world.

We have an active membership (unlike many forums, we purge accounts that are not regularly used so as to ensure the forum is fresh and aligned with those who take part).

There is a special area for visitors where messages can be posted without becoming a member – use this for one-off help or if requesting services. (Posts are moderated so may take a while to appear).

There are areas for people running [subject area] related businesses as well as areas for hobbyists. Newcomers to [subject area] are as welcome as the experienced hands. Suppliers of [subject area] and small business related products and services are also welcome in the forum. Suppliers are allowed free promotion of their businesses on a reasonable basis within designated areas of the forum and are encouraged to take a constructive and active part in other areas of [forum name].

We created this forum because we felt that there was a lack of discussion forums [… reasons]. There are some great mailing lists and newsgroups out there but it is often more convenient to raise problems and look back through past responses on a dedicated web forum.

Much of the forum is hidden from non-members. To access most areas and in order to post questions, new messages/replies, you do need to join. The forum is free to join and use, registration is required using a valid email address but email addresses are protected and not used for marketing purposes. We manually review all membership requests to protect the forum from abuse. Because of this there can be delays in account activations.

Some areas are open only to specific member groups such as professional [in subject area] to discuss commercially sensitive issues.

[forum name] actually consists of many forums covering a wide range of sewing and craft related subjects and we are always happy to receive suggestions for new forums.

We welcome feedback and suggestions about the forum. Please feel free.

(For the avoidance of doubt, please note that by UK we mean The United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland.)

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