Free drinks in the club room

I decided not to work at the hotel this evening – I need a break, and should think about winding down ready for my holiday (the family get a big angry if I spend too much time thinking about work).

I have just been to the club-room and had some free drinks. I rarely drinks these days and hence a couple of larges G&Ts have hit me pretty hard. I feel happy.

Is it sad to be alone in my hotel room, somewhat drunk awaiting my food and the next episode of The Apprentice? Probably, but as most people are watching a football match in Russia (Champions Final I believe, between, for the frist time, two English sides: Manchester United and Chelsea. I could be wrong on this though. Aren’t they owner by an American company and a Russian Billionare respectively?)

The truth is that I am not that social a person. I do not enjoy large gatherings, am not that well cultured, and have a somewhat polarised position on whose company I enjoy although my friends over the years do seem to be a somewhat eclectic mix.

Well, I have a holiday to look forward to. This assumes I can get the Volvo XC90 back from the dealers on Friday where various repairs have been done (I hope) or we shall not be going away on Sunday as I have no trailer license plate for my company car which is not as large anyway and we like to camp in comfort).

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