Freezing hotel room

I did not get to my hotel until around 9pm last night – stayed in the office longer than I should to allow more time to restore data to my laptop.

Unfortunately, I found my room (Superior Room though it might have been) to be very cold. It was a ground floor room so the floor was also cold.

Working the heating/aircon controls of most hotel rooms takes practice but I have stayed at this hotel for months so I know the system well. One of the downsides of the system is that it can take 10 minutes or so to tell whether changed settings have really had an impact. Before the 10pm news was finished, I new the system was broken.

Went to reception. Very apologetic of course. Get someone from maintenance to me shortly. Change rooms if a problem.

Phone call 20 mins later… sorry, no one available from maintenance and we are short of rooms. Offered to send me a portable heater!!

The portable heater was delivered and “installed”. It proved to be useless.

I really could not face going back to reception and having it out with them to get another room in the middle of the night. I decided to put up with it.

Mistake. Coughed most of the night because I was cold!!! Not a happy bunny this morning.

They better have fixed it by now or I will be making a lot of fuss tonight.

I should be going out to a project team new year’s party tonight but do not feel well enough. Argh!!

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