Got my laptop back

Hard disk has been replaced. It has just a standard build on it and non of the additional applications that I use. None of my data has been restored either – the hard disk was pretty much dead. (If needed, data could probably have been extracted with extreme prejudice) and I have started the long journey of data recovery from my own backups. (I use an online service to backup my computer in the background whenever I am online.)

5 thoughts on “Got my laptop back

  1. The support guys have found the problem: the palm rest on the laptop is cracked and allowing the hard drive to flex to much im its bay which is causing connection problems leading to majors. The rest has been replaced, as has the drive (with a brand new drive with a clean build) and everything cleaned and tightened up. Fingers crossed.

    Received back thanks to overnight delivery this morning. The data recovery has completed overnight on one of my home computers so I just need to transfer the recovered files to my repaired laptop and we are off. Phew.

  2. My “local” office sent a man-with-a-small van to collect my laptop today. It was back with the support guys within a couple of hours and under test.

  3. Hard disk failed again! Same problem as before – fatal boot volume mounting failure. This is despite having a clean build and a replaced hard disk.

  4. Have exchanged emails with Carbonite. They asked for a copy of the log – should have known there would be one and found that it is in text format. I can see that something has been happening over night and that a temporary file has been steadily increasing in size. Still not managed to restore a critical but large file (1gb).

  5. Restoring files with Carbonite is taking forever … I have a fast link in the office but even then it feels slow. I have around 30Gb to restore, some files with higher priority than others.

    I am sure it got stuck. There was no progress for several hours so I did the traditional thing and reinstalled the application.

    I am tired and hungry but do not feel I can leave the office until I have got some of the most critical files back. (I know I can pay a fortune and link in the hotel but fear that will be even slower and the download of a particularly large file will have to be restarted … argh!!).

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