Happy 50th

Stuart in new shirt on Piaggio scooter
Stuart in new shirt on Piaggio scooter – photo by Lucy Moore

Absolutely delighted to turn 50 at last. Feels like a proper age, and I can stop feeling like the kid on the block about to be found out to be an imposter.

Two fantastic presents. Firstly, and best of all, a new hand-made shirt from my wife, the first for years (she has been too busy studying). Secondly, a motorcycle again. I have been promising myself one of these for years.

Also, enjoyed a great meal out on my brother at the King and Thai near Ironbridge with my brother and my wife. He dropped us off in the middle of our home town afterwards so we could grab a few extra drinks and enjoy the huge range of patrons in one of our town’s most popular water holes. Great fun.

Still have not go around to learning to use my recumbent bicycle much as still need to strengthen my knee (torn ligament) and properly support it as my balance is still a bit suspect on this particular vehicle.

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