Happy Birthday to me

Ah, the joys of a birthday on a Friday just before a holiday. A great excuse to have the day off. Travelled home last night at a reasonable time (which took a special effort).

Kids were at school, wife at work so just me, the fish and the dogs for most of the day. It was really good to relax.

Normally when heading off on a camping holiday, I would arrive home lateish on the Friday evening and complete frantic packing of the car to complement the impressive packing of the substantial trailer. This time though I was home a day early and we were not going to head off until Sunday rather than crack-of-dawn on the Saturday owning to some prior engagements the kids had and the ongoing training sessions of the newer dog.

This meant we could go out and enjoy ourselves on Friday evening and celebrate my birthday properly. We did. Enough said.

I have never been one to worry about getting older – not so far anyway – and for most of my adult life, I have looked younger than my years which added to my being in unusually senior roles for my age earlier in my career made for some interesting times. At some point, I have obviously passed the point of looking younger than my age to the reverse so the ravages of lack of exercise and overeating (rather than smoking – which I never do, and drinking – at which I am very much a light-weight) have finally taken the toll. Interestingly, just at the time when looking older might be of value, I have changed from a pure consulting role at CxO level to a Systems Integration PM type role.

This time last year, I was in agony with back problems that I thought would require an operation to fix (with all the risks that go with that). Fortunately, rest and the right kind of exercise properly balanced helped me out and 12 months on I am mostly okay but have to be very careful. Fingers crossed for camping though.

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