Big Breakfast and Karate

Traditional English Breakfast

Something we do from time to time is go out for breakfast. We travel about 15 minutes to reach a road-side static-caravan cafe that has only a few tables and chairs. They mostly serve men working in and around (and delivering in and around) an industrial estate on the outskirts of Telford. We go there because the food is excellent and also very good value for money. Over the years we have tried many breakfast cafes and have had very mixed results. Often the best looking places are the worst.

We felt that it was something that Mutty should experience. We bundled into the car with the canine (she stays in the car while we eat except when it is warm enough to eat outside). As Mutty did not really recognise anything on the breakfast menu, we got her to try a “small” full breakfast. This includes:

* egg
* bacon slices
* sausages
* black pudding
* tomatoes
* baked beans
* mushrooms
* toast
* tea

Mutty did her best but it was too much to eat. She did at least try everything and seemed to enjoy. A huge contrast to her, almost certainly much healthier, diet at home. (She is going to have to be careful – fortunately, Host Mother is a careful eater so will stop Mutty going overboard).

Lilleshall Hill

After the breakfast, we climbed a local hill, Lilleshall Hill to be exact. This features a monument constructed in the mid-1800’s to recognises the popularity of the Duke of Southerland who owned the surrounding land. This was good exercise for the dog and all of us.

Host Father tried to persuade Older Host Sister to teach Host Mother some karate. Host Mother and Host Sisters have been learning karate together for some time. They go to a local club and have a very good teacher. Host Father texted the Sensei to advise him that Older Host Sister seemed to have forgotten things over the summer. He was available to give them all a refresher session that evening. We just needed to find a venue. As Host Father is a Governor at the school the children attend (including Mutty from the following day), he enquired as to whether or not the school hall was free that evening. It was.

We had a peaceful time until we had to go off to karate.


Mutty had not done Karate before but seemed willing to give it a go. The lesson started outside as the caretaker could not be found to let us in. (This was painful for Younger Host Sister who had no suitable footwear for outside use.) We moved inside after about an hour. Mutty was a natural. The session took two-and-a-half hours. Just the four of them. (Host Father does not do the sport – far too energetic for him!) Photos are in the karate album. Clear all of them are very fit as they coped well. Mutty was a natural (understanding the Japanese would have give her only a slight advantage). She has been to a normal lesson since and seems keen to continue. The Sensei was very pleased with her and keen to see her join the regular lessons.


As “the girls” were working so hard, Host Father ordered an Indian take-away to be ready for collection on the way home knowing that they would be hungry. There was a small delay on collection but not too much. This food, a strange English spin on Indian food, was obviously a new experience for Mutty. She was not hungry enough to try everything but did seem to enjoy the starter. Everyone else pretty much stuffed themselves.

School tomorrow (Tuesday 6th September 2005)

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