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Blimey, doesn’t time pass quickly. It is so long since I thought to update this blog. Absolutely not developed the habit yet. Don’t think it is because of a boring life.

Since the last message we have been:

  • Camping with lots of other families in Pembrookshire
  • Had a holiday in Dominica where my wife was raised
  • Had a long holiday weekend at a CenterParc (Cumbria) with another family
  • Seen me working on Ireland, Scotland and Germany
  • Had numerous day trips and the odd weekend away
  • Been to loads of parties including several fancy dress events
  • Been to a Murder-Mystery weekend
  • Had a short holiday on a narrow boat with another family

… I think that will do.

We are about to go on a camping trip in Snowdonia and will be going camping again in Pembrookshire a few weeks later. My wife and I will be celebrating her birthday in New York in June. Goodness only knows what else.

My wife and my daughters spent the weekend away in London with my wife’s sister so that they could watch there brother in the London Marathon. He did it in 4 hours 50 minutes. A little longer than he hoped but still impressive. He seemed pretty bright and fit at the end unlike some people who were being very sick (not forgetting the number that did not finish many of who were carted away by ambulance). The “girls” seemed to enjoy the atmosphere of the event and had many interesting observations. I did not fancy another visit to London. Speaking of which…

Celebrated the end of a phase of work on Thursday and ended up in Ronnie Scotts Jazz Club from midnight to around 3am. I do not especially like Jazz and this was an especially loud evening so Paul, Marie and I ended up in the downstairs bar at the end giving our ears a rest and having some final drinks. We got a mini-cab back home/hotel. Dropped Marie off first and then spent ages trying to find out hotels. The trouble with mini-cab drivers is that they have not done the knowledge! When I got to my hotel, the computer was down and they took longer than usual to book me in. Hit the bed at 4am!! Slept well to 8am and then started working.

Well, I have come to the end of a job that saw me in Egham (Surrey) and Munich most weeks. Not sure what the next job will be. Would be nice to be able to see the family a bit more often.

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