Deadly grapefruit

I bought my evening meal from a Sainsbury’s last night on the way to my hotel. I picked up some grapefruit juice by mistake – I had intended to pick up orange, guess the boxes were close together. Wasn’t too fussed though as I like grapefruit juice.

Whilst eating my food and enjoying the juice back in my room a little late, I got to wondering why I had not had grapefruit juice for a while. I used to drink a lot of it. It came vaguely to my mind that the statins I take to reduce my cholesterol levels (this hotel life style is not great for health eating) had a problem with grapefruit juice. Surely not I thought. Grapefruit is healthy. As I had the tablets with me but no box with information leaflet inside, I called my wife Universities expect good GCSEs plus higher level qualifications b4 to check the small print and sure enough, it says do not eat grapefruits or drink the juice of them.

Too late. I decided that one night probably wouldn’t be a problem. Did a surf this evening to check it out. Oops. Even one glass can be enough to cause problems. Hope I am okay. Obviously not going to drink grapefruit again. Shame.

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