Early morning ice skating and the dreaded lurgy

I had to take a day off sick yesterday, felt really rough and knew I would not be able to focus on work. My current client and project allows me to work at home on Fridays, which is great as firstly, you can generally get a lot more work done as you get fewer interruptions and can concentrate on tasks more intently and secondly, you get a decent weekend as you are home by late afternoon (or even mid-afternoon if you get up early enough and have not calls scheduled later in the day).

However, I had felt a little off colour all week and have not slept well. I did wonder if the hotel room was causing me problems as for some reason the Swansea Marriott had not followed my standard Marriott profile which says to provided me with a feather free room – I am asthmatic and react to feathers somewhat. I finally raised this with them, having not really taken it in properly before, and discovered that they had their own unique profile for me and had not picked up my master profile. They had someone change the bedding for me straight-away and it did help a bit.

The drive home on Thursday night took more energy than usual and I pretty much collapsed at home. My wife had also been a little off colour during the week but my eldest daughter had felt very ill and had had a fever. She had stayed in her room. She was never sick though and we do not think she had swine flu.

My younger daughter had finally got the go-ahead for her physiotherapist to start skating (with due case and attention) again. She had fallen over badly in an ice skating lesson some weeks before and effectively got whiplash. Her trainer was happy to start up with her again but could only offer lessons on Saturday mornings or Tuesday afternoons. The latter were no good as they were too close to school closing time and not practical if my wife was working (although my elder daughter could probably have done the drive). Saturday morning seemed a better bet.

I was not exactly delighted to discover it was to be at 6.45 in the morning – we would have to get here there for 6.30 which meant leave at 6.10 therefore get up at 6am. I normally get up at this time during the week so I can have a swim in the hotel before grabbing a breakfast and hopping on free shuttle bus (or driving in early enough to get a parking space) and have to get up even earlier to be able to drive down to Swansea for a decent time to be in the office. I have little desire to be up at this time on a Saturday. Especially having been off sick the day before. (I agreed with my wife, I would see how I was this morning and she would go if I was not up to it.)

I did manage the early start and whilst still feeling a little weak and woolly managed the round trip ok. Have not done much for the rest of the day though, not least as we are scheduled to head out to see a play tonight. Not sure if we are well enough though…

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