Lifestyle changes

The age of 40 clearly used to be the turning point on health many years ago, the old saying "life begins at 40" should of course have been "death begins at 40" but fortunately, in most developed nations, mortality rates in 40 have dropped hugely and the majority can now expect to enjoy most of that three-score-and-ten.

How many people have made significant lifestyle changes as they entered or went through their 40s? Were you already relatively healthy with a good diet and exercise regime, or did you reach a road to Damascus moment?

I am way overdue to make my changes. There should  be plenty of motivation, but it simply hasn’t tipped the balance yet. I am in the "react to events" rather "move toward goals" category (most people fit into one or the other) and have not yet had a fright (which could of course be devastating). I made one change last year, which was got myself onto projects that let me stay in a flat and cook for myself rather than suffering hotel food all the time, and it has made a difference.

One of the reasons I took up photography some years ago was to give me a hobby that would get me out and about after work, however, I naturally progressed to portraiture work (I like people) rather than landscape. I have to make a greater effort this year.

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