Need a camera in my knee

Saw the physiotherapist today. I have not had a huge improvement despite the physiotherapy and the exercise regime I have followed. Having to work in an office all of the time and the nature of my work-day has undoubtedly taken a toll but I would have expected some improvement.

It seems that the best thing to do is get a specialist to look at it. Usually this involves sticking a camera into your knee to have a look around. That will be a new experience. The physiotherapist promised to post a letter to me to take to my GP next week.

As always, the walk back to the office after the physiotherapy session was difficult. However, the fire drill later in the afternoon meant I had had to WALK DOWNSTAIRS (not allowed to use the lift). That was HELL and meant I had lots of pain for the rest of the day. Bad timing or what!!

Sleep tonight will be difficult.

One thought on “Need a camera in my knee

  1. Arranged to go to docs earlier this week but my GP was on holiday. Agreed with practice that I was probably best off waiting to see him. Oh well, another week of pain!

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