Sick for Christmas

Last few weeks at work has seen me surrounded by people suffering from the most horrendous coughs and colds and given my asthmatic history, I have been deeply worried about getting sick.

It looked like I was managing to fight off the bugs though until yesterday. First signs appeared during day  but seemed to damp down in the evening and I walked into town with a colleague for a Thai meal (very poor restaurant). Walked back to the hotel without too much trouble but started to suffer an asthma attack and had a very bad night. It was clear I was going down with the bug  big time so rather than heading into the office this morning, I took the decision to medicate heavily but safely for driving and head home early.

I know tonight will be bad and fear for our canal trip.

One thought on “Sick for Christmas

  1. I managed to go on holiday but did really suffer for the first couple of days but then seemed to rally. I remained week for the rest of the week and then fell ill again towards the end of the week and was pretty much unable to do anything on the last two days. We were all under the weather by this point. We still managed to enjoy the holiday though. I am still not fully recovered but hope to be well enough to return to work on Monday.

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