Something strange has happened to my knee

After many many weeks of problems with my knee, a good number of physiotherapy sessions and a difficult holiday… the problems seem to have started to go away of their own accord.

The physiotherapist had decided to refer me  back to my GP with a recommendation that he refer me to a specialist. She thought that the specialist would probably want to insert a small camera into my knee to have a look at what was going on.

The day I scheduled to see my GP turned out to be slap-bang in the middle of his holiday. He is in a large practice so there were plenty of other partners to see but the conclusion was that I would probably be best off seeing my regular GP. So I set my mind to a return visit the following week and set myself up for another difficult week. It was.

At the end of that week though, last weekend, something happened. I was playing with the dogs and slipped off the settee landing hard on by bad leg and folding it (the correct way) underneath me. It was agony which lasted some time. I did not think I would get any sleep but I did.

The following morning, whilst still being a little swollen and sore, my knee seemed able to take my weight better than it had for many weeks.

Indeed, over the last few days, it seems to have got better and better. It is still a problem and feels very vulnerable, but it has definitively improved. Fingers crossed that it continues to do so.

A colleague who does a lot of sport and whose wife is an orthopaedic surgeon has given me advice on better exercises I can now do to strengthen the joint. This involves opening the leg against a resistive strap.

I have to conclude that rather than simply having a torn ligament, something was out of place and the fall to the floor put it back in the right place. (A tear hardly repairs from such an event.)

When I first started to have problems, a colleague suggested that I have the knee properly scanned but I chose to trust the judgement of my doctor and also that of the physiotherapist I found close to where I work. Maybe that was a mistake.

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