Swimming again

Last year I had got into a healthy habit of swimming very regularly: pretty much every morning when staying in a hotel and also on Saturday and Sunday mornings at a hotel local to home with my eldest daughter.

Then I got derailed earlier this year by, well, coughing – a bug that went around the office taking many of us out for a week or so at a time. I have continued to have protracted bouts of coughing ever since sometimes to the extent that colleagues have become very concerned about me. This does not go well with swimming – generally it is not a good idea to swim regularly if you have bad colds.

My GP referred me some months ago to see a chest specialist privately but despite being private, I could see him only on a Tuesday or a Thursday which is completely incompatible with work. I suppose I might regret this and I really should put my health first but I have that weird "man-cold"/"not until I am death’s door" imbalance with regard to making a fuss/seeing a Doctor. If the cough becomes worse again, I shall have to reconsider a visit.

Well, back to the headline topic: I went swimming again today. First time for months. Really no excuse when one is in a decent hotel with an excellent swimming pool and changing facilities – it really is not hard to wander down from one’s room when half-asleep to a swimming pool at the the other end of the building.

Admittedly, it was not the 6am visit I used to do (more like 7.30am) but I did enjoy it. The challenge now is to see if I can do it tomorrow and the day after and the day after …

Health concerns in the family give me some incentive at least.

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