The cat has done a runner

We finally have to admit to ourselves that the cat (the only one we had left) has done a runner. Despite being with us for some 9 or so years, she got really scared by the addition of a second dog to the household. This is despite the fact that when the dog was first brought to us by the Dog Trust to test things out, she seemed to hold her own.

She did creep back into the house a few times the first couple of weeks but we have now not seen sign of her for for more two weeks.

The cat was very very fit and healthy (the life in the country obviously suited her) and like most cats, when the going gets tough she showed no loyalty but obviously found somewhere else to live.

As our dogs are regularly let out in the field next door for a run, she must have decided that she could not even stay in the area

I have absolutely no doubt that she is alive an well despite the cold snap. She has remained a very active and effective hunter (that eats what she kills), is smart, and a cat that already spent a lot of time out of doors. She could certainly have found shelter easily and fed and watered herself. I expect she has found another human home.

Although I never really liked cats (much prefer dogs), I do feel somewhat sad (not least because my youngest daughter is very upset – she has known the cat for most of her [my daughter’s] life). I recognise that this is typical of cats. Whilst the there are always stories of the odd cat doing sticking with owners through thick and thin, most show no loyalty and move on as soon as the situation ceases to be ideal for them. You just know that she will not feel bad about things in the way that we inevitably do. I find that all the more irritating.

You can’t help wondering where she has gone and how she is doing though. Damn her!

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