The first CV

Our oldest daughter is getting to the point where she needs to think seriously about building up some work experience (and earning some money). She completes GCSEs this summer and then gets the longest summer break of her school life so far before returning in the autumn term to the 6th form to commence work on her A-levels.

I have just helped her write her first CV. Well, more of a combined one-page begging-letter (“gis-a-job”) and CV.

Here is the text:


  • 16 years old (Nov 2007)
  • High School student
  • local resident
  • Seeking weekend and summer work

Work style

  • Positive fastidious manner
  • Hard worker
  • Punctual
  • Flexible
  • Fit & Healthy
  • Excellent communicator
  • Team player


  • St John’s Ambulance cadet
  • Keen swimmer, runner and regular gym user
  • Raises chickens for eggs
  • Training two large dogs that she regularly exercises
  • Photography

Work experience reference

xxxxx Infants’ School, 2007

“xxxx is a very hard working, conscientious and helpful worker. She fitted in very well with my team and did all she could to help.”
xxxxxxxxxxxx, Head

Tel: xxxx xxxxxxx

Job request

I am looking for a local business to employee me during the summer of 2008 (and possible during other school holiday periods and weekends after this). I would also be very interested in any weekend work opportunities before the summer.

I am very open-minded about the sort of work I do and happy to learn anything and work hard. I am willing to take on jobs that are messy and unpleasant if required. I already raise chickens and am used to cleaning their runs out on a regular basis. The work can be inside or outside, full time (preferred) or part-time. Early mornings or late evenings would also be fine.

I am a very successful student at High School for Girls preparing for my GCSE examinations in the summer of 2008. I am expecting high grades in more than 10 subjects including English, Mathematics, and all three sciences.

My current plans are to enter the 6th form and study Geography, Psychology, Physics and Chemistry at A-level and then go on to university afterwards to study for a degree.

My skills include wide experience of computers (creating databases, generating reports, writing documents, developing complex spreadsheets including graphics). I also have excellent skills in developing presentations in Powerpoint. As you would expect, I am very familiar with effective research and communication use of the Internet and have created and maintained my own websites.

Hobbies are important to me, especially as I do not watch much television. I prefer to read, exercise, look after my dogs and chickens and develop my photography skills. I am also a good cook and able to prepare a wide range of different types of meals (not least because I am not keen on fast food or ready-meals).

I would very much appreciate the opportunity to attend an interview with you. I am more than happy to undertake a short unpaid trial period to prove myself to any business.

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