Wandering the Internet because I cannot walk anywhere

My knee problems have limited the potential for fun this weekend. The physiotherapist advised me to not sit for more than about half-an-hour without moving my leg BUT to keep off my leg as much as possible this weekend.

Hum. I did think about driving somewhere, hobbling a little way and taking photographs but decided that even that was probably not a good idea.

I have a load of photographs to process but my home-computer is on loan to one of my daughters at the moment until I fix her computer. Don’t feel like doing the fix at the moment.

A few TV programmes recorded on my heavily customised Topfield twin freeview tuner PVR killed a bit of time until the kids decided to get up.

Some work has taken up more time untl my significant other told me to stop working.

Played with the dogs for a while. Then with the fish for a while (well, checked them out).

Finally, I have resorted to doing catching up on some internet stuff like properly trying out the latest version of Firefox and a load of useful addons. I do believe that it is slightly faster and more capable that Opera. A quick google found some sites (e.g. CNET) that had done the comparison rather more scientifically and found this to be the case.

While playing with Firefox, I have rejoined Facebook, created a profile and sent invites to a few people. I also did some updates on Linkedin and I have joined a number of photography related groups on both of these social networking sites.

There were a few outstanding actions I was able to get done on some of the virtual-community style sites I administrate including some tidying up of accounts. The forums have become much easier to manage since moving over to vbulletin (from a British company, no less) – whilst I generally prefer to use open-source software for most things, I have found vulletin has been a wise investment as it has been easier to get support and find other people able to take on admin duties. I still use open-source software for the wikis and the photo sharing sites.

Whilst I am posting some general comments, let me thank the many of you who have taken the time and trouble to feedback to me by email or on one of the feeds. (I still get hardly any feedback in the form of comments on the site itself, which I find interesting – I guess most people use feed services or aggregators and it is a lot of hassle to comment using the form on my site [I could solve this by moving interfacing the comment system to one of the comment services but I have no appetite for writing any php at the moment]).

Now, the thing that has ended up taking most of my time up is the StumbleUpon addin for Firefox. I have been a member of StumbleUpon pretty much since it started but for some reasons never really got around to using it. Today, I told it what I was interested in and it came up time after time with really interesting sites, The latest was to a site with some amazing photos of a sand storm in Iraq.

In complete contrast to finding such photos though, we have just been to see the new Batman movie. Great fun. Completely ridiculous of course, but acted well enough to make it easy to suspend disbelief for the duration of the film.

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