Day on the beach

Despite the holiday starting with weather warnings from the Met office, heavy rain and high winds (a joy to experience in a tent), we did get some excellent weather down on the beach.

The party had several dogs. We have two: Tag on the left and Kitch on the right. This holiday is the first experience Kitch has of living in a tent on going on a beach.  Tent living is proving a bit of a strain for him and he reacts to every sound outside and gets very protective of his territory (without biting anyone) – we are having to come down hard on him here (in a completely humane way of course). He clearly loves the beach and runs back and forth. He has also taken to swimming running into the surf without hesitation from the first with only a slight reaction then acceptance. The first time a wave caught him as he was trying to retrieve a stick we had thrown led to him discovering he could swim and since then he has been swimming at every opportunity. By contrast, our older dog, Tag, is happy to go into the surf but not prepared to lose touch with the ground.

We have now been going to Pembrokeshire for a few years. Generally, almost all of the time off site was spent on the beaches at :

Watwick (beach guide)
Marloes (beach guide) and
Westdale (beach guide)

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