Scotland 08 – Holiday time

We have been to Scotland many many times over the years. My parents used to take me regularly and I have picked up the habit. Generally though, when I say Scotland I actually mean the Highlands of Scotland – typically Glen Coe and beyond. We have stayed in Fort William many times. This time we were booked into one of two chalets located on a road to Skye about 30 miles south of Inverness.

We set off around 7.30am. We needed to arrive by mid-evening really. Allowing for stops, we expected the journey to take around 11 hours. This was going to be a long journey for our dogs – the longest so far for the newer of our two rescue dogs.

I was concerned about my knee but fortunately it is my left knee and I have an automatic car (a Mondeo). There is also plenty of room to stretch my left leg out fully (oddly not the case with the larger Volvo which we had considered using instead as it would have given the dogs more room in the back).

The drive was uneventful. Weather was great until we got North of Glasgow when we hit the smaller roads and then it got steadily worse and worse.

As we neared the destination, there was one disagreement between the satnav and the directions we had received.

chalet-1 The chalet was great. Very simple layout but highly practical with great parking and plenty of space for the dogs to run around.

We do not usually watch much TV when on holiday but were pleased to find a TV fed by a Sky box fed with a great signal from the satellite dish (its low angle reminding us just how far north we had come). During one very wet morning whilst waiting for everyone else to get up I did work my way through all the available channels and came to the conclusion that I was right to stick with Freeview at home (we have 3 PVRed tuners). I was amazed by the number of channels (at breakfast time) featuring a scantily clad woman inviting some poor sad lonely git to phone in for a chat (and others to phone in on a different number just to listen in to the conversation). Argh!!! If it wasn’t this, it was some kind of stupid game or, even worse, a TV shopping channel.

I had a very poor signal on my mobile and subsequently found that there was no chance of using mobile broadband (probably not a bad thing).

One thing we had forgotten about, having mostly been to Scotland around Easter time in recent years, is just how big a problem the midges are. They were hell outside the chalet. Inside there was some vapour bar that killed them so we were comfortable inside.

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