Scotland 08 – Wednesday

We headed for Inverness again today with a stop on the way at the Loch Ness Visitors’ Centre. We have been the latter in the past and not much has changed – still loads of "tat" (as my parents would have said) for gullible tourists to waste their money on. The associated hotel on the other hand was very nice and looked to offer some good value meals. We simply had a few drinks which we drank whilst sank into the very comfortable leather settees.

As a change from the usual tourist spots (and prices) we decided to head into Inverness city centre for a simple meal and after parking-up and taking a short walk we found a few basic alfresco options. There was a couple of local guys talking to some tourists from the continent (could not catch the accent) at a table behind us but when I had finished my meal ahead of the rest of the family and pulled out my camera to take a few street shots, one of the locals engaged me in conversation.

scota-2 Turned out he was a keen photographer and did a lot of wedding shoots. He posed for me in his chair and invited me to take a few shots. I do not think he was expecting much but when he asked to take a look at what I had done and took the camera from me he looked very surprised and asked me if I would send him the photos as he never normally gets his picture taken (not into self portraits I guess).

Earlier in the week we had found a hamlet called Kilmuir on the banks of the Moray Firth where there was a simple stone beach easy for us to access that was otherwise pretty deserted and hence a practical place for us to let the dogs run free and swim. Currents in the area seemed relatively light as well so we did not have to worry about how far out the dogs swam. Like many hamlets, getting there involved a trip on narrow roads with lots of passing places but you get used to that after a while.

dogsswim-1 My knee problems prevented me from going down to the beach this time but I was happy enough staying in the car and reading the paper whilst the rest of the family went out and played.

When the eventually came back, the dogs had trouble jumping into the back of the car because they were so tired.

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