Scotland 08 – Tuesday

I wanted to minimise the amount of driving I did today so we chose to go to the nearest town: Fort Augustus. This is a very popular tourist spot featuring a series of locks on the Caledonian Canal leading down to Loch Ness.

goat-1 I did an unsuccessful hunt for Internet access in the town whilst the rest of the family visited a rare-breeds farm.

We tend to eat outside a lot because we normally have the dogs with us and do not want to leave them in the car. Unfortunately, this brings us to the front-line on a major problem in Scotland at the moment: wasps. I am convinced that the Scottish wasp is more aggressive than the English wasp. Both of my kids have already been stung without giving any provocation.


Whilst sitting outside a pub next to the canal in Fort Augustus, I took it upon myself to start trapping as many of the wasps as possible whilst we were eating our lunch. My wife took a photo of me in the early stages of the operation.waspcatcher-1

This provided much merriment to the rest of the family and felt like something of a fight-back on our part. However, when we came to the end of the meal we were at first uncertain about what we should do with the wasps we had trapped. We decided not to kill them as this just seems to cause more wasps that are somewhat more agitated to appear. In the end, we felt it was the pub’s problem as they had seating for customers outside. so we left the prisoners in place.

Some time later, when we were a fair distance away, we noticed the staff dealing with the problem. Badly. I could not resist taking a few photos at distance.

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