Scotland 08 – Monday

Heading to Skye was an obvious choice give we were already on the main road for Skye via the Skye bridge. We were tempted to go by ferry for part of the journey but saved that for later. I have happy memories of Skye from when I was a child. We set off with no particular purpose other than just finding somewhere nice to be out and about where we could let the dogs run free.

Sadly, the weather was against us. There was heavy rain most of the time. Actually, we do not mind rain that much – we have good coats. It does make the driving hard work though.

bagpipes-1 Eventually, we made our way to Portree where we walked the dogs on the "beach", had some fish-and-chips and generally watched life. One entertaining but somewhat painful moment came when a young lad appeared in the central square togged up in traditional gear and produced a set of bagpipes from a fabric bag. He then proceeded to demonstrated firstly extreme tuning problems and then some significant musical challenges. Lots of [other] turned up though and took photos and made a contribution to his strategically placed hat. (I did wonder what I would need to pay to get him to stop but fortunately a heavy shower scared him off.)

raindrops-2On our way back towards the bridge, we hit a traffic jam. It turned out to be an accident. What happened we do not know but there was a car say in a deep gully next to the road and it had clearly rolled over to get there. Before we got to this point, my wife and I tried taking a few abstract photos from our car seats.

raindrops-1On the drive back to the bridge, we spotted the sign for the short ferry crossing alternative and decided to go for it. We were glad that we did. The road was mostly single-track but with very clear sight-lines most of the time making very easy to drive. It was something of a roller-coaster though with lots of ups and downs. The scenery we went through though was some of the nicest we have ever seen.

When we eventually ran out of road at the waters edge, we found a a few cars ahead of us waiting for the ferry which can take only a few cars and a maximum of 12 passengers per crossing.

ferry-1 The crossing was short but great fun. The platform you drive onto is revolved so you can drive on an off in a forward direction. The single-track road on the other side was not as open as the preceding drive but was still relatively straight forward and it was no long before we rejoined the main route.

river-1 We spotted a bit of a tourist spot where we could get down to the river and so unleashed the dogs again for a swim. There was a point where the current was a bit to strong for them though so we could not relax completely.

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