Scotland 08 – Thursday

Awoken by my youngest daughter at 7.20am today. Had hoped to lie in for a change as I have been getting up before 7am so far. Understandable though as it was her 15th birthday.

We quickly got ourselves together and went through the appropriate ceremonies. The best part was when we revealed that, contrary to all the misdirection we had been given, we had in fact managed to obtain a Nintendo Wii Fitness board for her. Sadly, although we had brought the Wii with us complete with SCART connector and the TV in the chalet has a SCART connector, there is no TV remote provided, only a basic SKY remote and the SKY boxed is connected on RF tuned to channel 8! The controls on the front of the telly provide for volume and channel selection only and channel 0 does not equate to the AV socket. We had no means of connecting the Wii to RF nor of tuning the TV to its RF signal or to use the AV socket. We could not even use the SCART sockets on the SKY box as the remote provided had no options for using these either. Oh well. She will just have to wait until we get home.

A glorious, clear, hot day greeted us and we headed off to one of the Lock Ness exhibitions that runs boat trips. I have done this more times than I care to remember and was happy to stay in the car with the dogs – it was too hot even in the shade to leave them in the car on their own. They needed to be out-and-about or in a car with the a/c on.

We had a terrible meal at this place just before the rest of the family headed of for the boat trip. The cafe charged nearly £40 for some very simple and small meals – I had a chicken curry with one serving spoon of rice and one of curry!

I am writing this sat in the car whilst the rest of the family are on the boat. The one key statistic I recall from previous trips is that Loch Ness, which has an average depth of 1 mile, contains more water than all of the water in the lakes, rivers and canals of England & Wales combined (actually, I can’t remember it that well – it might have been the rest of Britain combined – never mind, it is a lot of water anyway).

The trip was, apparently, brilliant and not especially crowded. A few photos taken by my wife:

onlochness-2 onlochness-1 onlochness-3

The last photo is of Urquhart Castle, which we have visited on previous trips to Scotland.

At the end of the day, we swung by the retail park in Inverness and I picked up a Harmony Remote unit that I felt would be able to control the Toshiba TV back at the chalet. Sadly, it turned out to have not built in or configurable capabilities until programmed using a web application live on the internet (wonder how many other people that caught out), I had been planning to get one of these units to simplify use of the home cinema environment at home and Comet had a bargain price on this unit (less that half of the price I had been looking at previously).

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