Home for the first time

To home

The car journey in the dark from the airport to home was uneventful. Mutty, understandably, dozed for most of the trip. She tried her best to be sociable but it was not easy for her.

We expected that she would go straight to bed as soon as we got her home. She had other ideas. She woke just enough to stagger around a little and great Older Host Sister and our incredibly friendly canine, Host Dog (actually, a bitch). Mutty was given a very quick tour of the house – just the bits she really needed to know, offered some refreshments (just in case – but she did not need them) and was taken to her bedroom with her luggage (not a lot as more was being couriered from Japan).

The rest of us, Host Father, Host Mother, Younger Host Sister and Older Host Sister all gathered together for an update both on general goings on (Host Father having been away working for the week) and the details of the meeting up with Mutty. We were all excited and very positive.


Mutty then surprised us. (Not for the last time no doubt.) Even though she was very tired, she wanted to give us some presents from her family to us for hosting her. Such a thing had not crossed our minds at all. She had lots of gifts and they were wonderful and also very diffrerent from typical English presents. Opening them up and exploring the gifts was a joy and took up a considerably amount of time. We could not thank her and her family enough. Eventually we let her go to bed. Having explored the gifts a little more, we all headed off to sleep wondering what the next day would bring us.

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