Host Father: home tomorrow!

I spoke to Host Mother last night and also Older Host Sister. Two more of Old Host Sister’s friends went along to the Karate lesson and even the mother of one of them is now interested in going along having discovered that Host Mother does it. Older Host Sister is now responsible for brining a lot of students to that club. Well done to her.

We have plans for the weekend for me to look forward to. It shall involve a fair amount of driving though (perhaps I can now share that with Host Mother). We are going to head up to Derbyshire on Saturday afternoon and come back late on Sunday. Not sure exactly what we shall do as we are still working things out. Will pop in and see some friends though.

The BBC news tells me that it is raining in Blighty. It is bright and sunny here in Cork which means I shall have to annoy the client staff working for me by putting on the air conditioning at too low a temperature for them.

I watched the remaining two episodes of Battlestar Gallactica (the modern series) on DVD last night whilst typing up notes. I cannot decide whether I like it or not. They have managed to make it a bit more realistic in many ways than most current sci-fi.

There was another party on at the hotel so there was no chance of me going too sleep at a sensible time. In anticipation of this, I picked up some cheap DVDs the other day: I watched “Thirteen” – very good if somewhat disturbing. It is an 18 film but I think I shall probably get the kids to watch it as it is about their age group. One of the writers co-stars in the film and the other writer directs. The story is largely based on the former’s own experience of going off the rails at age 13.

Having stayed up watching DVDs, I am too tired today (you would think I would learn). I have a lot to get done once I have written this so I had better get a large cup of coffee or three.

Nose to the wheel, shoulder to the grindstone…

One thought on “Host Father: home tomorrow!

  1. I was up at 5am to finish the dresses, to be collected this morning.

    Mutty is going off to Telford with friends after school today. Youngest daughter and I are off to piano lessons after school. I am working towards Grade 2 (I haven’t practised over the holidays though). I had better do some practise today.

    I have to go to the kennels to pay a deposit as the dog is going in while we are away. Poor animal, she hasn’t had a walk for 2 days as I have been working solidly. Must take her out today despite the heavy rain!

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