Host Father out of the country

I awake to another day working in Cork, Ireland. Usually I fly out here on a Tuesday but this week I came out a day earlier to meet up with someone else I have coming onto the project to help me out. Unfortunately, he got bumped onto a Tuesday flight.

Traffic seemed worse today. My hotel is only a few miles from the client offices but it took me over 50 minutes to get here (compared to less than 15 minutes to get to the hotel last night).

The hotel I am in is very nice, old style (a bit worn out in places) but lacks air conditioning and last night I was facing a building site which is obviously very dusty. They are changing me to a garden overview room for the rest of the week. They have a lot of big (usually wedding) parties here and they keep me awake until around 2am.

Several of the team got together for a meal last night in one of their rented houses (they are here longer than me so it is cheaper and nicer for them move out of the hotels) but I was too tired and had too much work on. I am due to leave this project at the end of September. It will be nice to not have to fly out of the country every week.

I do not like flying. I am used to it and less bothered by it than I used to be. I still do not like it though. I also do not like working such long hours and being away from home so much. Still, jobs that would keep me near to home working 9-5 would probably bore me and that would probably be more damaging.

Younger Host Sister started her new term of guitar lessons yesterday. She had to borrow her teachers guitar as her guitair needs completely restringing. Something for Host Mother to sort out whilst doing lots of other errands and trying to run her dressmaking business.

Younger Host Sister does do a lot. She has piano lessons, guitar lessons, dance lessons (freestyle and line dancing), karate lessons, acting lessons/participation. I think that is everything. She used to do ice skating as well as did her older sister. Both have now taken up learning to scuba dive!

Oh well… time to get to the grindstone.

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  1. Host Mother

    After school we went shopping for a swimsuit for younger host sister and collected the restrung guitar.

    Older host sister had a friend over for tea.
    This evening I have been trying to work out buses for Mutty to get to her English lesson at Telford college on Fridays. I have worked out a bus to get her there, but she will work out with the other 2 Japanese girls how to get back to school at lunchtime.

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