Human NMI – Non Maskable Interrupt

So for those of you who are as ancient as me will recall from your Commodore 64 programmers reference guide: a computer NMI is a computer processor interrupt that can not be ignored by standard interrupt masking techniques in the system. It is typically used to signal attention for non-recoverable hardware errors.

So a Human NMI should be an interupt caused by a critical process or service function stopping. Say a heart attack, stroke, or some other critical system crash.

But its not is it. It could be something like a child needing a nappy changed – that would be Nappy Maskable Interrupt. Or running out of fuel – NFMI (No Fuel…). So how to design a system that deals with non-recoverable Human errors?

I have done deep and meaningful research into this, and have found two perfect H-NMI masking techniques – Tequilla, and Jack Daniels. However, the requirement is not really that clear, as you cannot apply these filters in the day time (then you have a Career NMI – very bad)!

But this is human nature, we all need the when, how, why, where, what it, etc. etc. so what we need is to move the issues that trigger the H-NMI.

And really its easy isn’t it – all we need is the answer / solution before the H-NMI kicks in.

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