In Derbyshire

What a great hotel. Several of us got up early and went for another swim. Youngest host sister missed out on this and was very annoyed.

We had a great breakfast eating as much as we liked from a wide choice.

We then headed of into the peaks. First stop was Cromford Mill. Last time we had been there is had been an old mill building selling lots of clothes. Now it is a set of small “character” shops! We bought some books. On the way back to the car we found some clothing on sale from Nepal. We managed to buy something warm enough for Older Host Sister!

We headed off to Matlock Bath and took the cable car up to the top of Abraham Heights.

We were looking for a decent place to have a cavery lunch but did not find anywhere. Eventually gave up and said we would stop at next pub doing food. As it turned out, we dropped lucky and found an award winning place where we had a great meal.

We headed up to Speedwel cavern. A long wait for the underground boat trip. Whilst we waited though we were treated to an excellent real life display of shepherding using sheep dogs. The mountain sides were very steep and the dogs brought the sheep down and over a small road in single file.

The boat trip was fun but for some noisy kids. Sat as far away from them as possible and as close to the guide as possible on the return trip so we could hear properly. The guide was okay but not brilliant. Young and trying to sound enthuisastic. Failing. Poor jokes.

We decided on an Indian take-away for tea. Picked up from Cafe India on the A5. Excellent.

A great weekend.

Indian take away

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