Browsing the web using Opera

Join Choose Opera!I am a long term user of the Opera web-browser. These days it is free, in the past you had to buy it or use an advert supported version (yuk). There are many things I like about Opera but one aspect I have always been keen on is the support it gives to Web Standards which I have always been a proponent of for commercial and important social websites.

These days I like the built in email client although I mostly use a web front end to my personal email, it is a useful backup.

Probably the feature I use most is the quick scaling of web pages (just hit + and – keys and the whole page, images and text, gets scaled and, where required, reformated – this is also in Firefox these days, although not as slick, but not in Google Chrome).

Here is a summary of key benefits compiled by the Opera community:

  • Opera is absolutely free.
  • Find all top features preinstalled. No need to install add-ons!
  • Use the Web at high-speed with the fastest and safest browser available.
  • Easy to use, yet fully customizable. You can even remove your addressbar and make your browser look pink, if you like it.
  • Probably you are using internet on many different divices already. Opera is the only way you can use the same browser on multiple computers and mobile devices. You can even synchronise different installations using Opera Link.
  • Search in a flash using the integretad search field and search shortcuts in your addressbar.
  • Tabbed browsing: We implemented tabs first and we really understand how to make them useful: reopen previously closed tabs, rearange tab order or even open tabs in the foreground and background.
  • Save time when filling out forms with the Wand password manager.
  • Tired of small letters? Wanna have a closer look? Zoom in and out with ‘+’ and ‘-’, and ‘*’ to go back to normal.
  • You regulary open the same pages. Create individual sessions with different tabs saving your your favorite social networks, news sites, transportation sites. Just as you like.
  • Speed Dial displays previews of your favorite web sites everytime you open a new tab. That allows you to navigate even faster.
  • You are using email, Bit-Torrent and RSS feeds? Opera has all this included. Your browser can be your all in one internet application.
  • Wanna get even more, check our various widgets.
  • You will find it inconviniend to use the navigation bar once you use keybord shortcuts and mouse gestures. Give it a try and your will wonder how you could browse without it.
  • No need to scroll horizontally anymore. Even if a pic is too big for your screen use fit to width.

I should also mention a new feature that I particularly like. It is called Opera Link and it lets you synchronize your Speed Dial links, Bookmarks, Custom Searches, History and Notes between your work and home computer; take your bookmarks with you on your phone. You have web access to this information and can download the bookmarks for other browsers.

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