Japanese food

We had a big team meeting/workshop this evening. We held it in a modest local hotel that happens to be owned by a large Japanese company operating nearby and whilst the basic layout of the hotel is fairly traditional British, the restaurant and hence catering (generally) is Japanese.

The team met for the first time properly around a large table and worked through details of project on a white-board for some hours. Then food started to arrive.

Whilst the food had been described in the menu in English and Japanese and small photos had been provided, remembering what you had ordered (given you could probably not pronounce the name in the first place) let alone recognising it when it was placed on the table for you to find for yourself was a significant challenge.

The food was great though. Nice change from the usual hotel offerings and it offered something a little different to discuss (usually along the lines of: "what do you think this is?").

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