Kyber Consultancy Ltd is born

After many years, I have finally got around to forming a limited company focused on consulting services I can offer. In keeping with my primary computing identity of the last three decades or so, I have called it Kyber Consultancy Ltd.

The strapline for the site is: Independent Consulting on IT Strategy, IT Management, IT Project Management.

Kyber Consultancy offers services from very experienced IT professionals with real world practical experience of running IT organisations in business critical situations, and bringing about major changes, be that cost improvements, technology changes, or strategic initiatives.

Initially, I shall be the only consultant, but I am hopeful I can expand it in due course and add more consultants to the fold. We shall see.

I guess the obvious thing to do on leaving IBM would be to just become a wage slave for another large corporation, and that might still happen, but I am pretty keen to give it a go on my own for a change and take the benefits of that myself. I believe I can offer a better value option to clients by selling my skills to them directly rather than with a large firm behind me. I know that clients can get a lot of security, commercially speaking, by going with a large practice, but in these financially strapped times, I think many organisations are more willing to take greater risks. (Not that I think there are a lot of risks, but I would say that, wouldn’t I.)

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