My first proper model photo shoot

ShushI was asked recently by one of 15-year-old daughter’s friends if I would do a “photo shoot” of her. She had been spotted by a talent agency (a genuine one) but her parents were not prepared to allow her to follow a modelling career fully until she had finished school (she attends a high-performing state selective grammar school for girls).

Her parents know me well and were keen to support me doing some photos as a kind of compromise position with their daughter.

I had already taken photos of her and the many friends at one-or-other of the parties I attend amongst the usual group of parents-of-kids-that-are-friends that one usually ends up in. I am often asked to go along to the birthday parties and snap away.

Doing a “proper” photo shoot though was a whole new experience and a case of the blind leading the blind. No experience I had had before had prepared me for a lengthy shoot, directing a model (actually two as I involved her boyfriend as well, sometimes in the photos and often holding equipment), and getting the equipment adjusted correctly without losing the plot.

We worked in our main lounge and outside in the garden – although the light was a bit too strong outside.

For a first attempt, I am pretty happy with the results. I had not prepared particularly because, frankly, I did not how to despite having read lots of things. I think I know what I did wrong in most areas and how to improve things. Next time will be much better. This was terffic fun though.

The photos have been cropped and adjusted a little in Lightroom.

I am really grateful to the girl. She worked very hard and was incredibly helpful. She knew I was new at this as well. At the end of several hours, we were both very tired as were her boyfriend and my wife. She was shocked to discover how hard models have to work.

She had spent some time putting together a set of cuttings in a scrap-book showing poses/looks she liked and she had brought a selection of clothing with her. It was amazing how difficult some of the poses were to reproduce. They look good, natural, relaxed in clippings but are actually hard positions to get into and hold.

Next time I know I shall prepare much better. I know more about what will happen and will also have much better control of my lighting. For a first go though, I am pretty pleased.

(The photos are all active so you can click through to larger versions if you are inclined.)

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