My Bros birthday

It was my brother’s birthday this weekend. As it happens, he was celebrating at The Stiperstones Inn, a traditional ale house and hostel type place set in the heart of the South Shropshire Hills. As I was picking up my eldest from a training course in near-by Shrewsbury, it was easy for us to drop in for an evening meal.

Our stay was relatively brief as both my daughters were tired (one from being in a musical show for the preceding few days  and the other from training) but it was enough to meet and greet and have a meal and a bit of a chat. Even better, when I said we needed to be off and asked my brother to settle-up and let me know what I owed him, it said the meal was on him. Nice surprise. Unusual given it was his birthday.

I was pleased to see him as I was able to give him our gift in person. He is hard to buy presents for and often, against social convention, shows his feelings about gifts. It was clear though that this time I had it right. Recently he has been talking a lot about changing his car. It struck me that he would enjoy a rally experience as sold in the likes of W H Smiths. A two hour experience at a localish venue where you get to do some driving under instruction in a small group.

He sent an email the following day though to point out something I had not noticed in the small print. There was a max weight limited and he was over it (as am I by an even greater margin). Well, this would have been enough for me to give in but he has taken as an incentive to lose weight. He has a year to do this before the experience voucher expires. I would say he had a good chance.

I now need to find the incentive for me to lose weight. Nothing leaps to mind at the moment sadly.

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