New digs for both daughters

Alexa's new digsAs a parent, I absolutely want my children to grew up, become successful, fulfilled, happy adults in their own right, able to stand on their own two feet. As a parent, I dread the moment my children grow up and leave home.

That time has come to pass. Over the last two weeks both of our children have left home. Not like they did to go to university but properly, renting their own places (the first homes of their own) and starting new jobs, both in London.

Whilst I am very happy for them, I cannot help but feel sad for my wife and myself at a sense of loss.

Thanks for the modern communication world though, things will be very different from how it would have been for my parents though. They had the occasional phone call. I am sure I shall enjoy the benefits of regular multi-way video calls, regular emails, and many exchanges of text/instant-messages. Also, as the boyfriend of one of my daughters lives at our house, and our daughter will be travelling from London very often to be with him, we shall not feel the loss too much.

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