new specs

Had my friendly neighbourhood optician put some new lenses in my existing spectacle frames this evening. The lenses are varifocals to a new prescription so I am going through the usual head mangling process of my eyes (or rather, my brain) adjusting to the changes. Fortunately, the distance part of my prescription has not changed but the reading part has increased a couple of steps so as I walk around, the floor and steps look very strange. Using a computer is particularly challenging as the screen come in at around the mid-point on the specs.

My wife, who works for the optician in question, tells me that a lot of people do not allow enough time for the brains to adjust and give up a bit too quickly. I have been through it often enough to know that I have to give it time., I shall have to suffer a headache or two first though.

We are out to the cinema tonight to watch Terminator Salvation with some friends, and are then off to an Indian restaurant. That shall probably prove to all be a bit of a visual challenge.

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