New beginnings

It is great fun being in on the start of a new project. There is an edge to everything as everyone involved is full of energy and passion about the project, about gaining an understanding of exactly what the right things to do are, identifying the right people to bring in.

You get to meet a wide range of people you have not worked with  both in your own organisation and the client organisation.

The journey to the office is a new experience and you start to exchange notes on the best routes and transport options. Similarly, unless you are very unlucky a range of different hotels will be available and many will be tried over the first few weeks and notes exchanged on the pros- and cons- of each.

The client has already had the project underway for some considerable times, with some small involvement from my employer (although not my part of the business) and support and help from a selection of other services companies. Changes in the market place and pressures on the program means we had to be brought in to help accelerate work and drive the programmer top-to-bottom.

Taking over from other parties and picking things up mid-stream whilst still being, for us, a new project, makes for a particularly interesting time.

My responsibilities are significant, onerous and critical. I am both excited and scared at the same time, which is, I think, a good combination.

I have only had a couple of days to start to get my head around what is going on. I know the weekend will be busy as I study materials I have been given in some depth to help me prepare for the following week.

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