Nice room if you can get one

Every now and then, a hotel sends you to a room which already has someone in it.

Over the years, I have had people walk in on me several times. This is uncomfortable for all concerned, especially if I have just come from the shower, and a little threatening.

Intrusion would be prevented if one used the security locks on the inside but, like many, I tend not to so that help can get to me easily if I need it.

Last night, the hotel sent me to a room that was already occupied but the occupant had used the security bar so it was obvious quickly that the room was not for me. It was around 10pm and the bloke in question had gone to bed early (perhaps for a flight out in the morning) and I had woken him up. He was not best pleased.

I was very tired having driven down in the evening after a school governor meeting and rejoing the lengthy queues in reception had me practically falling asleep standing up, When I got back to the receptionist who had orginally checked me in, she was suitable apologetic. It took her a while to find another room but when she wrote down the room number, I realised that she was not giving me a “superior room”. When you spend a large part of your life in hotels, you get fussy about such things and as I had been staying at this hotel most weeks for three or four nights every week since July last year, she made amends and I ended up, once she had authorisation, with a suite which I have not had before. I have had a club room a few times which gives access to an executive lounge but never a suite.

So, I wound down with a very nice spa bath session before heading to bed.

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