Nikon D300

There is no doubt that replacing a D200 with a D300 is something of an indulgence. The D200 is only a couple of years old and remains one of the top cameras available particularly on the amateur/professional border-line.

So why did I do it? Because I wanted to. I have to admit that. I could go on about the some of the feature changes and enhancements but I will not.

The D200 is so good, it is very tempting to keep it as a back-up and it can be argued that for portraiture it might be marginally better than the D300.

I doubt most people will see a difference between photos taken by the cameras whereas the D200 does show an edge over cameras lower down the range.

They both have the same kind of hard magnesium-alloy case and weather sealing that sets them apart from cheaper cameras and gives you more confidence out in the field. Both have all of the controls to hand – you do not have to work through menus to make most adjustments.

The D300 does have a class-leading display on the back which, given my eyesight, is probably the biggest benefit. It also has better handling of noise at the higher ISO levels – I know this is not important for most photographers but it does suit my needs… oh! I had better stop – I said that I would not list the features.

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