No deal on a Samsung Galaxy Note 4

Samsung Galaxy Note 4 EdgeNearly bought a Note 4 today. I have a Note 3 and had a scratch to itch, but fortunately, none of the stores I visited in Telford could offer me a deal I found attractive. Actually, I’d prefer a Note 4 Edge, but they are even more expensive and I expect will not be well supported.

Carphone Warehouse wanted £600 for an unlocked sim free Note 4. Phew! They still wanted that much after I told them about the EE deal. Vodafone were pretty clear they do not sell their phones outright unlocked. EE do offer the Note 4 on their Pay As You Go plan for just £499 but you have to pay for a £10 top up and you are locked to EE. They will unlock it after six months for £20 though. Not much use to me if I end up in a location where EE does not work well enough for me.

Three – with whom I currently have a monthly rolling contract – wanted £599 or a 24 month contract for £40 per month (£42 originally) including the phone. I pointed out that this was more than it cost to buy the phone outright and continue with my current monthly deal but was told I was not comparing like with like as the new offer was unlimited everything. The agent did not like my pointing out that I only needed unlimited data and the limited text and limited minutes so the lack of caps was of no value to me.

Note 4 phones are offered on Amazon and eBay for much less than £600 but many of them are not for UK or European models – even if they say they are – and lack 4g capability. In some cases, fake Note 4 phones are being sold, which look the same but do not have the same capabilities or build quality.


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