No future for colour e-ink

With so much action in the tablet space, it is hardly surprising that there is little competition in the e-ink space, as this article by Georgiana Apetroaei makes clear.

I am deeply disappointed that we are unlikely to see good quality colour e-ink displays. Clearly, the LCD screen is too compelling a proposition and has far greater commercial promise and hence backing.

Whilst monochrome is great for traditional books, I like photography and books on this topic therefore tend to feature colour photographs as well as text. There are of course many other topics covered in books that benefit greatly from colour.

Like so many other people, I prefer not to subject myself to displays that emit rather than reflect light in the last hour before I try to go to sleep. The rest of the day, I am more than happy to subject myself to LCD emissions by the bucket load.

It would also be great to be able to read colour ebooks/emagazines in daylight and without worrying about battery life all the time.


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