Not an allergic reaction to the new dog

but rather the winter cough illness (not the vomiting kind so far). So much for having a few days off. Spent virtually all of it in bed, coughing extremely violently, bringing up all the mucus, aching, and generally feeling very sorry for myself.

Despite being generally much fitter recently than I was a year ago, mostly thanks to all the swimming I do these days, I have had a bad run of breathing problems. I am a serious asthmatic (using four different inhalers a day). This bug, unusually, does not (yet) seem to have impacted my chest as most illneses do. A small relief.

I plan to go back to work tomorrow. Fingers crossed that I am well enough. I do hate taking time off.

2 thoughts on “Not an allergic reaction to the new dog

  1. Coughed a lot during the night so have decided not to go swimming … I like to swim but it simply does not feel like a smart thing to do at the moment.

  2. Feeling a lot better today. Slept well with only the odd coughing during the night.

    Travelled down to London in relatiive comfort (1st class, Virgin Trains). Lucy dropped me off at the station so I could travel in a little later (could not risk not having a parking place if I drove myself after 7am).

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