Photography in Chester Zoo

Chester Zoo – monkeys – 001
Originally uploaded by kyber.

My wife and I went to Chester Zoo last Saturday for the express purpose of taking photographs. I had just received a brand new lens for my Nikon D200. A, wait for it, Nikkor AF-S 70-200mm f2.8 VR G. That’s a very very good lens by the way (and expensive as well).

I imported the lens from Hong Kong, from – great service again. I tracked the deliver movements of UPS around the globe.

Some photographers have a natural eye I think, others need lots of practice. I am in the latter category and need a lot more practice. However, I was very pleased with many of the results I achieved.

Not sure what type of monkey this is, but it sure is fast. He only stayed this still for a split second. This time I was ready.

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