a few weeks later

It has been a while since I blogged. One reason has been because of my getting into Twitter, mostly using my iPhone as I am now.
Work has been extremely hectic over the last few weeks as well. My weekends have been taken up with work, which is never a good thing. I am certainly looking forward to the long Easter weekend.
My eldest was away a couple of weekends ago on a college geography field trip. That meant the rest of us could go shopping. Or at least my youngest could try on prom dresses to decide what style elements to go with. The dress will be made to a custom design by my talented wife, so it was not an expensive day.
Not so keen ok dress non-shopping myself, but as the destination of choice was Chester it meant I could spend the day doing street photography. Nothing special achieved, but I enjoyed myself.
Had to go home early last weekend. My eldest got a small cut on the arm but she and my wife were unable to stop the bleeding. They are both first aid qualified so there was not much advice I could give them.
My wife surprised me on Friday morning by telling that they had spent most of the night in causulty. I went home.
Daughter went to the local surgery nurse to get rebandaged. Just about got through the weekend. Hand went a bit blue at times. Went back to Doc’s on Monday. He was puzzled. A blood sample was taken and the hole for that clotted. Phew! More bandaging and go back in two days. So returned to work in Swindon today. Sadly I have a cold so feel terrible. At least I am not losing blood.
Amongst all this, my eldest still managed to drive along lots of test routes ready for driving test next Saturday. Her instructor days she us his best prepared student ever. Fingers crossed. She also took her Mom to an archery simulator – a mother’s day present from a couple of weekends before. my wife got the taste for it and may well take up the sport.
My youngest hasn’t just been trying dresses. Oh no. She had taken grade 5 practical exams in both piano and classical guitar. The curriculum is changing so she had to take them both now or start learning a new set of pieces.
On top of this, she is on stage in another show this week and weekend. This time, Guys and Dolls. Big show, big theater, bug talent. Lots of rehearsal. How does she do it? Hope GCSEs don’t prove to be too much of a problem.

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  1. good to see you back – its the easiest way I can keep up with goings on.
    Twitter nah another thing i don’t want to learn

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