A new model

The Mrs and I went to see a new model in her home yesterday. We had first got in touch through the Star Now network. She is an "army wife" (ex-army herself) and recently moved from London to darkest Shropshire and was looking, frankly, for things to do whilst her husband is away defending us including offering herself as an extra for TV/Film shoots as well a member of the audience for TV shows.

I spotted her because she was local, looking for opportunities, and had a poor photograph on her Star Now page.

Our first meeting was just a get-to-know you session and some test shots but I was pretty pleased with how some of them turned out.

We are going to get together again very soon for a "proper" shoot. This will probably include a "trash the dress" session (where you run around in the countryside, climb styles and trees, and jump in water … whilst wearing your wedding dress).

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